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About Us

We are located on the shores of Lake Michigan, in Michigan's Ottawa County. Organized as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation in 2005, the Friends of Ottawa County Parks have vigorously built public awareness of County Parks by:

  • events to introduce park properties and facilities to the public.

  • ..providing information about the county park system at fairs, community celebrations, and out-lying recreation sites

  • ..sponsoring a low-cost Grand River excursion for families on the paddle-wheeler Grand Lady

  • ..organizing events to explore & discover features within the parks

  • .. planning and assisting Parks staff with activities to involve residents and visitors in healthy activity and nature appreciation.


Where and when we Meet:
Member meetings are usually held the third Wednesday of the month, in one of the Ottawa County Fillmore Complex's conference rooms. The address is 12220 Fillmore, just west of 120th Avenue. Dates for 2018:

  • January 17

  • February 21

  • March 21

  • April 18

  • May 16

  • June 20

  • July 18

  • August 15

  • September 19

  • October 17

  • November 21


All members are encouraged to attend the member meetings to make suggestions and participate in planning and discussions. The elected Board of Directors and Officers make the decisions for operation of the organization in cooperation with the Parks Department and Parks Commission.

2016- 2017 Board of Directors:

  • Maureen McElroy, President
  • Susan Bastek, Vice President
  • Don Williams, Secretary
  • Alice Hoban, Treasurer
  • Ray Statema, Parks Commission Representative
  • Liz Notman
  • Barb Beck
  • Deborah Ellis
  • Rick Bosch, Member Representative
  • Barb Beach, Member Representative